Kamijo Research Group

Research Topics

  • Driver Assistance System, Autonomous Driving System
  • Onboard Sensor Fusion
  • V2V, P2V communication
  • Traffic Signal Control of the Next Generation
  • Navigation Technology
  • Behavior Understanding for Security Cameras

Pedestrian Detection using onboard sensor fusion and P2V communication

kamijo-1 kamijo-1
Pedestrian detection is a key technology for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems. We are developing the sensor fusion technology of onboard camera and LIDAR, and P2V communication technology using Zigbee devices. Those technologies promise successful pedestrian detection and high accuracy positioning of the pedestrians.

Signal control systems for next generation

Researches on signal control systems of the next generation are performed using intelligent vision sensor. The intelligent sensor enables optimization between vehicle and pedestrian traffics by evaluating their behavior. Toward the era of autonomous driving, researches on I2V cooperative and multi-agent intersection control algorithms are performed. The algorithms are possible to replace conventional signal control systems in the near future.

Positioning technologies in urban scenarios

Solving the NLOS and multiple paths problem, positioning accuracy in urban canyon can be drastically improved. Fusion of the information from gyro and magnetic sensors in smart phone can improve the positioning accuracy more. Our GNSS technology is applicable to car navigation systems, and it would be a key technology of lane positioning for autonomous driving.

Human behavior understanding in security cameras

Security cameras are drastically increasing recently, and they are useful for market analyses as well as safety and security. Postures and behaviors of customers are extracted existing security cameras in order to analyze how they are interested in displayed products.